PIA Model

Political Intelligent Alternative Model

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Saman Keyvanpour, Politician, Strategist


For the purpose of collecting plans and proposals and dedicated organisation.

Political Intelligent Alternative Model

Activist Based Structure

In the conditions of people’s confrontation with an inefficient, unreformable and oppressive regime, this model provides a device that can easily be used in the era of instability and political stalemate, super crisis and endless debates, as well as the absence of justified political leadership. Among the protestors, in the form of a parallel work with the ruling system and based on the principle of input-processing-output in intelligent systems, by assigning appropriate and functional positions for all forces, they processed group and various data and came to the final solution to replace a system. Get new and smart.

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Cyrus the Great, the founder of the first empire and advanced army of Iran and the world

Constitution of Cyrus the Great

In the name of God of life and wisdom

Draft of the Root Ritual of the Iranian Empire (Constitution of Cyrus the Great)

Abandoning the homeland in this era full of surprises cannot only end in a simple and ordinary abandonment and then in fake referendums and plans by foreigners. This country has been under the occupation of barbaric and unconstructive thought for 14 centuries, and in order to remove the effects of 1400 years of captivity once and for all and bring true happiness to its trapped children, today, a wonderful opportunity has come. He treated all pains in a radical way.
The pillars of this code are very simple and unaltered, so that the agents of the future of the country cannot play with words in the future and take a little crooked step by advancing the rights of the people of the society.

Golden bridge
The geopolitical secret of an empire from Cyrus the Great to today

Written by Saman Keyvanpour

Today, everyone knows very well that Cyrus the Great’s view of the world was to establish national security so that humanity can set foot on the gates of freedom and civilization. Therefore, the conquest of Babylon, the freedom and support of the Jews to establish this security bridge and create a unified base in the eastern Mediterranean are considered to be the most important and most obvious indicators of such a strategic array, which was included in the agenda of the Achaemenids from the very beginning. The creation of this strategic bridge by taking advantage of religious and economic commonalities along with the re-establishment of temples and the creation of a common military base was so efficient and powerful that it provided the core of a great empire for the development of trade and security from the east to the west of the empire.

The beginning of the era of space battles in the world
Competition over space strategies and strategies is the most important motivation of Russia in attacking Ukraine

Written by Saman Keyvanpour


For a long time, cosmic strategies and space domination have been evaluated as the leading factor at the top of the power pyramid in world politics and international relations, and have completely transformed geopolitical and geostrategic calculations. This means that any country that has the highest ability to manage scientific and research portals, defense land and even space tourism within the limits of the solar system will be able to become a stable empire (since automatically other ambitions and Interactions around the globe will be a subset of this strategic space heading.)

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