In the conditions of people’s confrontation with an inefficient, unreformable and oppressive regime, this model provides a device that can easily be used in the era of instability and political stalemate, super crisis and endless debates, as well as the absence of justified political leadership. Among the protestors, in the form of a parallel work with the ruling system and based on the principle of input-processing-output in intelligent systems, by assigning appropriate and functional positions for all forces, they processed group and various data and came to the final solution to replace a system. Get new and smart.

Since the use of this method brings the work to the end and the desired results, the need to pay attention to responsibility and continuous work process should be considered by the agents of this model.

Model components

1- Elites, people and trade organizations, experts and activists who make the main body and structure of the device and transfer the necessary scientific and social data to the proposed processor.

2- Media, social and internet platforms that act as accelerating tools outside the system.

3- Two four-core processors, which include the proposal processor (political-economic-legal-administrative) and the critical processor (political-economic-legal-security), which processes input data based on the identification of capacities and expectations to create plans and The presented programs reach full progress.

4- Transfer unit or group of representatives who are responsible for coordinating, receiving, organizing and transferring data and plans.

5- The two-core executive (political-strategic) which regulates the general policies and programs and is responsible for the necessary decisions for the implementation of the plans and the transfer of the output data to load the alternative as a new political system.

Diagram and device structure of the model

Each part of this system will be taken over by volunteers and activists who are able to leave behind the previous inefficient and failed processes and follow project-oriented and pragmatic methods to replace the post-oriented and passive view.

Implementation phases in the form of a research plan

The smart political alternative model can be implemented in two main phases and in a practical way in order to create the best political alternative in the future of Iran as follows:

The first phase / 2 to 3 month time process

Structural introduction of the model, pathology, capacity measurement and structural examination of the country’s pillars.

along with invitations, holding meetings and conferences.

The second phase / 4 to 6 months time process

Collecting plans and proposals as well as organizing specific forces in the founder’s association.

Executive guarantee and determining factors

Four main factors will determine and guarantee 100% success of this model:

1- Unity in the structure of the model using smart processors.

2- Scientific mechanism design in processors based on logic circuits.

3- Capacity measurement of social and political forces and comprehensive organization.

4- Pivotal project.

A test sample for the establishment of the founders’ assembly (founding association) and the interim government based on the PIA model


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