Persian-Jewish Golden Bridge

Pars-Jewish Golden Bridge

The geopolitical secret of an empire

 from Cyrus the great to the present day

The geopolitical secret of an empire from Cyrus the Great to today
Saman Keyvanpour – Kingdom Assembly of Iran

Today, everyone knows very well that Cyrus the Great’s view of the world was to establish national security so that humanity can set foot on the gates of freedom and civilization. Therefore, the conquest of Babylon, the freedom and support of the Jews to establish this security bridge and create a unified base in the eastern Mediterranean are considered to be the most important and most obvious indicators of such a strategic array, which was included in the agenda of the Achaemenids from the very beginning. The creation of this strategic bridge by taking advantage of religious and economic commonalities along with the re-establishment of temples and the creation of a common military base was so efficient and powerful that it provided the core of a great empire for the development of trade and security from the east to the west of the empire.

The plan that was initiated by Cyrus the Great was continued by Cyrus’ son Kabujieh and then by Darius the Great, Khashoggi and other Iranian kings in the following centuries.

The sensitivity of the Achaemenid and Sassanid emperors in the land of the Jews also goes back to this issue, and whenever this bridge was not cut, security and empire were maintained.

Therefore, an array of ethnic, commercial and geopolitical convergences in order to establish a safe and civilized empire between Iranians and Jews is a big secret that still has many enemies today.

The organized alliance of Arabs and Romans in attacking Iran and Israel and trying to break this historical link in the enmity with the Persian and Jewish nations is a painful story and a great historical mistake that must be compensated and it can be boldly said to re-establish this golden bridge in the shadow The root religion of Cyrus the Great will be beneficial and joyful for all people, as if once again the freedom of freedom will sit on the roof of the homeland of both nations, and the bright sun of the glorious empire of the world will shine.


Amordad 6387 Shahshahi is equal to July 2023 AD