The nuclear power plant on the moon in line with the space strategy and geostrategy of the Russians

A note from Saman Keyvanpour.

It has not been long since Russia vetoed the agreement banning the use of nuclear weapons in space, and now the news of the agreement to build a nuclear power plant on the moon with China is published. Now the world should think that such a contract is the news of a great betrayal of humanity and the security of the planet.

Certainly, such an approach essentially signifies the establishment of a military nuclear base, which has been activated by the creation of an energy supply source in space.

With its strategic attack on Ukraine, Russia has so far succeeded in keeping its distance from the West and keeping attention away from its strategic hegemony in the world and the Middle East. Europe’s and America’s passivity in dealing with Russia, both strategically and economically, has left Russia’s hand open in its advances.

Both on the ground and in space, Russians are moving calculatedly towards the ideals of the “Moscow men” while politicians and analysts of international affairs remain silent.

And why the world is so indifferent to these Russian movements and does not take them seriously is surprising.

In an analytical report at the time of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, I explained the goals and behind the scenes of Russia’s activities in the field of space strategies and geostrategic of this country, which is available.

With the hegemonic monologue of the Russian world and the messianic occupation of Jerusalem, the Russians have been using the Islamic Republic of Iran as their right hand for many years in furthering their goals on earth, which should not be neglected even for a moment. A plan at the end of which all current rivals and friends will be condemned to be eliminated.
Russia is the main commander behind the policies of the Islamic Republic, the Revolutionary Guards and Islamic terrorist groups.

And this part is even more important than the harmful contracts between Russia and China.

Of course, it is natural that this question should also be answered, how to control the problem of the Islamic Republic as the right hand of Russia:

Destroying Iran or weakening and sanctioning Iran is not a good way because it gives time to the Russians.

America’s political factions, both left and right, are behind Europe and are passive.

A military attack or disintegration of Iran will also complicate the situation because it will bring the Russians to their destination faster.

Therefore, the solution lies in a new powerful government alternative for Iran that is able to push back the Russians, and the card of this policy is in the hands of the Iranian alternative in the future.

At least the alternatives that have a common Islamic ideological core with the Islamic Republic are not able to do this, and although it is possible that the issue of the soft coup of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is in the line of skinning, the effects and signs of which can also be seen.

Historical experience has shown us that the way to cure a poisoned policy and strategy is in the hands of someone who has correctly diagnosed it and has a separate policy from the involved parties.

May 20, 6388 Shahshahi

May 9, 2024