Rise of the age of space battles in the world

Competition over important strategies of Russia in attack on Ukraine

Written by: Saman Keyvanpour
April 21, 2022


For a long time, cosmic strategies and space domination have been evaluated as the leading factor at the top of the power pyramid in world politics and international relations, and have completely changed geopolitical and geostrategic calculations. This means that any country that has the highest ability to manage scientific and research portals, defense land and even space tourism within the limits of the solar system will be able to become a stable empire (since automatically other ambitions and Interactions around the globe will be a subset of this strategic space heading.)

Part I:

Sometimes it happens that we look at the enemies of mankind (the established genocidal civilizations) from our own position and perspective, forgetting that it is not possible for the enemy to achieve worthy positions by saving their prestige and considering human rights.

Due to their past war history, the Russians cannot think about their compatibility with the world, and nowadays they make the best use of this background to perfect their ground and space strategies and will achieve all their targets. Of course, it is a great anxiety for us to protect human lives and prevent a large-scale nuclear war, but for the Russians it is a wonderful opportunity.

Obviously, the will of Peter the Great to reach the warm waters of the Mediterranean and Europe has always mobilized the political and military forces of this country, and of course this is a motivating and powerful point for the Russian forces. (Perhaps they never failed and only pretended to fail).

Certainly, Russians trust no one and their friendships are always temporary and short, so at certain intervals they instigate chaos and discontent in the world to get closer to their goals.

The Russians, by the nature of political discourse and defense strategies, consider America their greatest enemy, China their food and logistics storehouse, North Korea, the Islamic Republic, and Cuba their proxies, and the Arabs their hidden allies. The Russians are less concerned with money than others; they seek the “Russian world” so they do not have to worry about destruction.

In geostrategic terms, the Russians are trying to merge their territories all the way to Syria, and they have made Syria theirs with a lot of groundwork, they will also go through Turkey to appear like a ghost over Israel, and until they reach that point, They will secretly cooperate with the Arabs. (It is essential for the Arabs to preserve Islam in Iran and Palestine, and ultimately the dissolution of Iran so that they will not be destroyed. That is why they have accepted synchronization with the Russians).

Russia’s determined presence in Syria and the Mediterranean will seriously besiege and blackmail Europe and force America to follow Russia’s policy to support Israel. At that point, the Arabs’ permanent claim to the Palestinian territories, the leverage of Russian pressure on Israel will be a determinant factor.

The Russians will be ruthless in this way and have gained a reputation as a bloodthirsty dictator named Putin, so they will continue to advance at top speed despite knowing the high cost of attacking Ukraine and the consequences of delayed sanctions. (A story that has its roots in the Russians’ conspiracy theory).

It should be noted that regime change in Iran will only be an mirage for the Arabs. This is an empty promise of Russia to the Arabs, while the Revolutionary Guards and the Islamic Republic are obliged to use the lever of nuclear pressure to secure the geopolitical interests of the Russians and to prevent Iran from supporting the people of Ukraine and in this way (The order to deliberately destroy the Ukrainian plane and launch missiles at Erbil and Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia was the tool of this preventive strategy) to secure the confidence of the Arabs in the Russians.

On the other hand, applying fear and hostility to Japan and putting North Korea on standby is an obvious but indirect threat to Alaska, Canada and the United States of America in the crosshairs of Russia’s east, which is not the subject of this article.

Part II:

The leading organization to cover the space ambitions of the British government, “National space strategy”, was established years ago, and America recently added the space defense unit “DOD Space Strategy” to the Pentagon.

The United States and Europe have made significant progress in organizing space projects, but they are still facing unsolved problems in the field of efficient propulsion in powerfull spacecraft technology, to the point where the completion of these strategies is deferred to the use of Russian propulsion. It is because of military motivations that they act flawlessly and agilely.

Putting aside the economic and energy margins arising from the war in Ukraine, Russia cannot bear the burden of all major transfers to space, but the benefits of this whole process, whether in the propaganda dimension or in the defense and economic dimension, accrue to the West. The failure of Russia to achieve a secure policy, especially due to the lack of access to waterways and southern ports, has also reduced the credibility of this superpower, and at the same time it has brought the Russians to the level of emergency on the way to their ambitions.

Stopping cooperation with the International Space Station and stopping the sale of rocket propellants to private space companies, accompanying India, China and the UAE due to these space dependencies and on the other hand enduring harmful economic sanctions and the risk of isolation in the global energy markets, clearly shows that only The strategic spatial values and the long-term perspective of this international process have prompted the Russians to break such chains in order to raise the bar for the West, and in the meantime, innocent people pay the price for these ambitions.

The fear of the use of nuclear ballistic weapons by the Russians is real and obviously forced NATO to keep the war in Ukraine, peace depends on the Russians, who seem to have thought of measures to counter the sanctions, but if we evaluate the strategy of the Russians correctly, we will see that they do not want a nuclear world war because they have turned Ukraine into a psychometric laboratory for NATO’s reaction, and this shows the conservative part of the Russians in this process and compensation for their global hatred in the future, but it will not stop Putin either.

However, it seems that there are ways to stop and push back the Russians, which should be taken seriously.

The End